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Copper Recovery Process Equipment, Copper Sulphate And Copper Carbonate Etc.

  Posting Date : Nov 01, 2000 GMT | Valid Until : Nov 30, 2000

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Company SooLim Corp.
Contact Person Mr. Ryu Seung Beom
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Telephone 82-19-253-2980
Fax 82-2-2645-1603
Address Kyung Won Bldg 5F, 455-63, SuYu 5 Dong,, Kang Buk Ku, Seoul, Korea (South) 142-885

Dear Sir:

We, SOOLIM CORP., are a leading company manufacturing Copper recovery process equipment, copper sulphate and copper carbonate etc. of spent etchant from the manufacturing of printed circuit board.
We are able to supply the know-how of Copper recovery process system if you consider the installation of copper recovery process. Please contact us.

What's Copper recovery process SYSTEM?

In manufacturing in printed circuit board, spent etchant which contain high concentration of copper is partially recycled and causing water pollution and a loss of valuable resources. Copper recovery process SYSTEM is developed as a method of treating copper-rich spent etchant and recover copper and also reuse the treated clean solution as alkali etchant. Conventional treatments methods, including neutralization and substitution are available but low recovery rate and high concentration of hydrochloric acid or ammonia and effluent have been problems. Copper recovery process SYSTEM offer viable alternative to these method with 99% recovery rate and the purity of 99.9% of copper sulphate. High purity of copper sulfate enable recycle of copper back into the plating process. Copper recovery process SYSTEM combine hydrochloric and ammonical spent etchant before solvent extraction, which facilitate copper recovery. Recovered copper sulfate from Copper recovery process SYSTEM can be used in plating process and poultry feed additive . It's clean technology recovery copper from effluent stream and minimized water pollution.

How it works?

Copper recovery process SYSTEM utilize solvent extraction method using mixer-settler. The process consist of 4 steps: extraction, scrubbing, stripping and solvent regeneration. The spent etchant comes in contact with organic solvent, which contain oxime- extractant, and copper ion(Cu2+) extracted into the organic phase. The organic solvent is then purified by scrubbing . In the stripping step, copper ion in organic phase react with an ion in acidic solution and migrate to aqueous phase. Copper sulfate is crystallized as copper compounds(ex: CuSO4) and recovered. On the other hand , organic stripping solvent after regeneration to remove acid residue, is continuously recycled to the solvent extraction. The waste water, after scrubbing solvent regeneration, is less than 10 vol% of spent etchant stream, and easily neutralized before discharge. After adjusting pH of treated solution, additives such as stabilizer is added and the solution is recycled in the process as alkali etchant with high alkalinity and corrosiveness. Copper recovery process SYSTEM is zero-discharge system for spent etchant stream.

Why is Copper recovery process SYSTEM ?

Advantages of Copper recovery process SYSTEM can be summarized as follows.

Simultaneous treatment of spent etchant. - the first simultaneous treatment of hydrochloric and ammonical spent etchant using solvent extraction.
Recycle the treated solution as etchant. - reduce water pollution by recycling and reuse.
Size reduction of extraction equipment. - use modifier for faster extraction and phase separation rate.
Excellent profitability. - expected return on investment: 40% in 2 years.

Application of our Ultra High Purity Copper Sulphate

It's called as Electroless Copper, Blue Crystal (powder), Blue Crystal stone (not powder), Copper Sulphate, Cupric Sulfate . . . and specified HS code of 2833.25 or CAS no. of 7758-98-7. Our product is originated from Korea and the quality in regard to impurity is worldwide best according to local lab analysis data. You can count on us! Low grade (Feed Grade) of copper sulphate is used for feeding animal or normal copper plating process, while high purity (Electrolessplating Grade) is only for below application due to the cost.

Electroless plating process to make copper connection between layers of multi layer PCB. - all kinds of multi layer PCB manufacturers but not PCB assembly line.
Making Electroless Copper Solution to supply PCB manufacturer.
High purity Crom plating process.- prior to high purity crom plating, fine copper plating is required

If you are interested in above, please contact us as soon as possible.

Best Regards


Optional Information
- HS Code : 2833 Sulfates, Alums, Peroxosulfates (Persulfates)
- Payment : T/T advanced or L/C
- Origin : Korea
- Packaging : Standard export packing
- Inspection : Makers' inspection to be final
- Samples : Not Avaliable
- Remarks :

Contact Information
Mr. Ryu Seung Beom
  ( Imp & Exp , President )
Company : SooLim Corp.
Address : Kyung Won Bldg 5F, 455-63, SuYu 5 Dong,, Kang Buk Ku, Seoul, Korea (South)
Zip/Postal : 142-885
Telephone : 82-19-253-2980
Fax : 82-2-2645-1603

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